I had the pleasure of of managing Michael. Michael is a strong problem solver and highly organized. He is a pleasure to work with and strong supervisor. In the time we worked together, Michael was well respected by his peers. I wish Michael the best and would be happy to recommend him for future job opportunities.

Ehren Koepf, Executive Producer at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension






Michael is a gem. As the leader of Burning Man's documentary organization, he has built an amazing team of volunteer videographers and photographers and led the group with heart, integrity, and professionalism. He is a self-starter with incredible attention to detail, and a strong work ethic that thrives in a deadline-rich environment. His extensive professional experience means that he knows just about every aspect of production, and his generous spirit makes him a terrific leader and mentor.

Stuart Mangrum, Director of Education, Burning Man Organization

"Having seen Michael in action for a year, on production jobs from down and dirty to big, expensive and highly complex, I can say he has it all--technical expertise, attention to detail, subject matter mastery and an easygoing, unflappable attitude. In other words, everything I prize in a Producer."

Dante Lombardi, Creative Director/SVP at Wells Fargo

"Michael is an excellent video producer who I first met after my company was acquired by HP in 2007 and I became a VP of Marketing there. Michael produced several demo videos quickly and with great results. After leaving HP to go back to startups, I hired Michael several times. He produced some great videos at prices that startups can afford. I highly recommend Michael and his camera crew!"

Gene Wang, CEO, PeoplePower Company

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Michael on various video projects: including promotional, virtual on-demand and live streaming events. Flexible, patient, efficient, creative and professional are just a few adjectives to describe Michael's approach to his profession. His production skills are second to none, and he makes rookies who have never been in front of a camera feel at ease and confident. He has a solid understanding of the high tech business and really knows what will strike a chord with an audience - regardless of title and rank. I highly recommend engaging with Michael on any audio/visual projects and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

 Adrian den Hartog, Senior Marketing Program Manager, HP

"I highly recommend Michael for any roles where creativity and business goals meet. Michael was the lead producer on a recent high-level program with me at HP where we filmed every senior executive within HP and created unique videos for each business unit in each region and translated into 3 languages - all in 2 weeks, saving the company over $60MM and over 132,000 lbs of CO2 through eliminating the need for travel for over 24,000 employees. Michael's vision and expertise were critical to making this program a success. His dedication was unquestioned as we spent many a night editing and finalizing files until the job was complete. Michael is the guy you want with you in a tough situation and I'm proud to have worked with him for many years at Hewlett-Packard."

 Chad Summervill Enterprise Engagement & Digital Events at Hewlett-Packard

 “I worked with Michael on many, many projects at HP over the last 8 years and he was fantastic to work with on every single one. He collaborated well with me, our executives, and the crew and managed all the steps we needed to take to ensure a successful event. Most importantly, Michael was open to trying new and challenging things when we decided we needed to take our productions to the next level. I recall one webcast in particular where our vision was 10X more complicated than what we had been doing previously. Many producers would have refused to do things differently or focused on why we couldn't do what we wanted to do. Michael focused on how to make it a successful and affordable event and how to help us realize our vision despite the many obstacles that stood in our way. One of the things I like the most about working with Michael is that it is never about him--it's always about others. He truly wants what's best for the customer and for the company he works for. Thank you Michael for all of the you added to our many projects together!”

Nicole Morantz Helprin, Director, Employee Engagement and Internal Communications, Hewlett-Packard

“Michael is a seasoned video/web producer with many years of experience with various projects, and a great variety of clients. He’s able to manage multiple projects successfully, from small to very large and complex. Michael has extensive global experience and can deliver your project from anywhere in the world.”

Laimons Laurinovics, Manager, HP Media Solutions

“Michael is a first-rate media production/project manager. He is nice to work with, highly competent, and very professional. I would highly recommend him.”

 Craig Harvey, President, DHC Consulting, Inc. 

Michael, is an exceptional producer and project manager. He has driven some very large projects that I was blessed to be a part of and the team was grateful for his expertise, leadership and kind smile when the going got tough. He has a client centric mode of operation with a 'get it done' drive unlike anyone I have ever met. Budget conscious, but without curtailing the all important 'creative message delivery' we all strive for. Michael would be an asset to any team and his leadership skills would be welcomed by anyone...”

Dave Lawson, Executive Producer/ Account Manager, Staging Solutions

“Michael Fasman is one of America's premier film & video producers. We've worked on close to 50 projects together and it's always a thrill to see the final production. Michael is a rare talent with the ability to create something special. I look forward to a lifetime of collaboration with him.”

Garth Collins, Narrator & Voice Over Performer, Voiceofgarth.com

“I think the world of Michael - both who he is and the work he produces. He consistently delivers creative, high quality events, videos, and webcasts with an incredible sense of calm and adaptability. He is a professional at his craft through and through. With high regard, I recommend, endorse, and value Michael.”

Melissa Dutmers, Employee Engagement and HR Strategy, Hewlett-Packard

“Michael is an experienced producer who knows what it takes to deliver the goods. He has the knowledge, the temperament and the connections to ensure success, no matter what the project scope is.”

Michael V. Williams, Producer/Editor, VernonVision Production Services

“Michael has hopped the entire world producing for HP. He knows what it takes to pull off major webcasts, handle large crews, soothe difficult clients. With his people skills and technical know-how he can bridge cultural gaps and get the job done no matter where he lands.”

 Andy Linda, Producer-Director-Editor

“Michael has been in the business for a long time and has all the experience and connections to get the job done. Great person to collaborate with. I have worked with Michael since 1984 and personally enjoyed, as well as financially benefited from this relationship. A most fair and reasonable project Producer.”

Phil Ruth, Sound Image

“Michael is a terrific producer - with an eye on the combined prize of meeting the project's communications goal and delivering the project on time and within budget. I deeply appreciate and enjoy working with Michael as a creator of his project's because he is very clear about his (and his client's) expectations, precise in defining his needs and appreciative of the work I and and my team deliver for him. Michael creates and sustains an environment for success for all of his projects. I enjoy his management skills and creative knack - and clearly his internal clients have the same feeling because he often brings me back to work for the same people. In a nutshell, Michael is a producer creative people want to work with and for and clients want at a project's helm.”

Greg Brennan, Executive Producer/Creative Director, Brennan/Associates

“I have been associated with Michael Fasman in various capacities for over twenty years, most recently working for him as a video editor, motion graphics specialist and/or producer. Michael is creative, organized, and efficient. He works closely with clients to craft effective business communications, and is a great asset to any team he leads. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

 Richard Robertson, Producer, Director, Editor

"I worked with Michael for several years on productions large and small. These included single camera executive tapings and multi-camera live world-wide webcasts. He thoroughly understands technical details, dealing with demanding clients and keeping his cool during very complicated live productions.”

 Kurt Snider, Owner, Solana Productions, Inc.

"Michael has hired me many times over the years to write scripts that he has produced and directed. As a producer and director myself, I've always admired Michael's ability to create on-time and on-budget programming that at least met and generally exceeded the client's expectations. In addition, Michael is a very personable and affable fellow; and it is always a pleasure to work with him. He brings much to the table, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any position he is seeking.” July 31, 2013

Dan Woodard, Writer, Director, Producer, White Light Productions

“Michael has been working in most all my webcasts for PSG LA for many years and shown an outstanding job. He is very professional and willing to fix bumps in the road to have a fantastic event and have a satisfied customer. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who likes to have a great asset for the company. Thanks Michael for all these years of hard work.”

Flavia Jaime-Wilks, Executive Assistant to VP & GM, Hewlett-Packard